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About Us

Headquartered in Surat, is a leading business-to-consumer (B2C), Dental E-Commerce Company in India. is the leading online supplies store for Dental products, materials, instruments and equipment’s. aims to provide clear visibility, availability and freshness of dental materials used in the country.

The company’s platform enables dentists to purchase dental supplies, equipment, products and services over the Internet. It offers various dental consumable materials used by General dental practitioner as well as other specialized dental fraternity. To help dentists to shop on a move, has developed specialized mobile platform app which are available on google play store for android phones.

Our nationwide delivery capabilities, high-quality customer service support and scalable technology infrastructure enabled to provide a compelling online shopping experience to its customers.

The increasing time crunch in the lives of the Dentists which is encompassed with a thousand actions across Patient care, Clinic administration, Continuous education, Conferences, Marketing, Financial management and if time permits a bit of personal life, needed a solution. operates with the premise that we will be able to do our bit to make the dentists’ life better as far as dental supplies are concerned. As a pioneer in online dental shopping we at are keen to drive the best online purchase experience for the dentists across the country ensuring easy visibility and availability of all dental products in India. We are even more grateful to the dentists who support purpose and have recommended to their friends and peers.